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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Okay, I'm still alive...

A lot has been going on at this end--including Clay now working full-time on his startup, and a move to Austin by the end of this month! I have to admit that we've been pretty spoiled with square footage, a big backyard, and a garage in San Antonio, but that'll all change in about 10 days. Then again, our new place (a little over 800 square feet) is in a killer location that's literally a walk away from downtown, the spring, the river, and a gorgeous park. Oh, and it has a rooftop terrace and a beloved coffee shop attached to the corner of the building. We've never lived so close to downtown, nor have we ever attempted to move into an apartment complex as compact as this. Guess we'll figure it all out as we go!

We're trying to square things away here in San Antonio as calmly as we can, and in the midst of all the boxes, anxiety, and excitement, I fell behind on posts. Things on the blog will be a bit spotty until we get situated, but as always, I'm excited to get up and running again. 

Hope you guys are doing splendidly. :)

Friday, March 7, 2014


Hey loves! I'm gradually trying to get back into the swing of regular Friday Art + Stories. This particular piece is the result of edits I made from an original drawing I created while huddled in the seat of a train speeding toward beautiful Paris from the starting point of London.

This one is called Parisian. It reminds of of the song "Belle" by Jack Johnson. Enjoy!
I slowly opened my eyes, trying to recall where I was. My seat hummed as the train sped through the vibrant streaks of yellow flowers in the grassy plain spread throughout the windows, and I remembered that this wasn't the landscape of Texas. Paris! I remembered. We were on our way to Paris!

From the moment we jumped into the tiny cab that zoomed us to the hotel the first sunny afternoon in the city, I had already fallen love. There are just too many great memories here, from the children chirping "Merci!" while holding onto parents' hands, savoring the last sweet bites of pastel macaroons, joining the crowds admiring famous pieces from the art world, laughing with smiling waiters while attempting to communicate what we wanted to devour,  hearing the violinists' serenades echo through the cool tunnels of the M├ętro, watching the light linger in the skies late into the night, sitting in the small cafes while sipping warm coffee, and wandering the quietly-lit streets after nightfall. 

Until we meet again, Paris, I'll remember you for certain. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


We've been on weird schedules lately, and I'm beginning to miss when I would diligently attempt to create a home-cooked meal almost every night. New recipes can't be too daunting at the moment. I just need quick and easy. 
If the food is too difficult to make, I just end up drifting off and doing things like staring out the blinds and scrutinizing the progress of my plant on the windowsill.
Good thing easy food like rice only requires a bit of water and remembering to push the 'cook' button. I mean, how else would I manage all this food prep? ;)

Happy cooking (or restaurant visits, which I would never blame you for)!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


It's been gorgeous over here the past few days. I always get the urge to run around outside with the camera, and the moment I decided to actually take a few photos, the camera ran out of charge. Ha! But hey, here's what I managed to get before all the battery loss. 
All this makes me want to snuggle up with a blanket with my feet hovering over the fire. It also reminds me of beautiful pieces by other artists out there. 

Hope you're enjoying a beautiful day, wherever you may be!

Friday, February 28, 2014


Ack, has it been an entire week already? We've been seeing family, spending day trips in other cities, and getting the days of the week completely muddled. I wasn't able to get everything finished, but I did at least sit quietly in Starbucks and sketch a little. This is my cousin's daughter, who as of a few days ago, is now a big sister to her new baby brother. :)
Have a fantastic weekend!
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